3 reasons why the handwritten letters will not vanish

You now have emails and text messages that are delivered faster than the handwritten letters. You can send emails and text messages instantly using your computer or mobile. These ways of sending messages are very easy. But no matter how convenient they are the handwritten letters will not completely vanish.


Keeping tradition

There are many people who still prefer the traditional way of writing letters. They want to preserve this practice of exchanging letters through the post office. People of the old generation still prefer this way of writing letters.


For personal touch

No matter how well you write your email or text message, you won’t get the personal touch that you get by writing letters. In the past, people who were in love with each other used to exchange letters. The paper used to write the letter, the pen used, etc. were considered important.


Formal use

Most of the formal letters are still delivered by mail. The only difference is that these are now typed instead of handwritten. So, for sending formal letters, there is no alternative to the letterbox letters.

Technology is constantly improving. In future, you will have other better methods of communication. But it is sometimes difficult to break the tradition. The number of people using the traditional form of letters may decrease, but this old way of writing letters will never vanish.


4 reasons why many homeowners don’t prefer having a letterbox

Letterbox used to be a tradition. It existed in every house on the road. But now, you don’t see many of these. Have you wondered why? Well, here are the reasons why many homeowners today don’t install a letterbox in their house.


For security reasons

The letterbox doors can act as a way for the burglars to get inside your home. Even if you lock the doors using split spindle handles, the burglars will be able to unlock the door through the letterbox using a special tool.


Lets cold air in

Letterboxes have open spaces through which cold air can get inside the house. So, during winter, it can be very hard to stay in the house with cold air coming in. Though today’s letterboxes are double glazed, still they can’t protect you from the cold air.


Place unwanted items

Criminals and other people with ill intentions can place harmful things inside the home premises through the hole in the letterbox. So, many homeowners think that it is better not to have a letterbox.



The cost of doors with letterbox is more than those without letterbox. So, homeowners who have limited budget usually goes for the doors without letterbox.

Today, people are more concerned about security than getting mail through their doors. So, they prefer not to have doors with letterbox. However, when you still find houses with letterboxes, you get a feel for tradition and heritage.

4 reasons why people prefer email to letters

Due to the innovation in technology, the ways of communication have changed. In the past, people used to rely only on the letter. But now there are so many ways of communication including texts, emails, Skype, mobile, etc. Many people now prefer email to the traditional letters. Here are some of the reasons why.



Sending e-mails cost you almost nothing. All you need to have is an internet connection. But when you send letters you need to buy a stamp and pay the postal charges. If you want your letter to be delivered to a far away place then you will need to pay more. But in case of email, no matter in which country you send the e-mail, the delivery charge is almost nothing.


Speed of delivery

E-mails can be sent instantly if you have good internet speed. But letters take days to reach the recipient. If you want to send the letter faster to your recipient then you will need to pay a high cost.


Issue of lost letter

Your letter may not reach the recipient for many reasons. It can be because of a mistake made by the people in the postal service, or the postman not delivering it to the right address. Whatever the reason is, you might not find the letter that you’ve lost. In case of email, there is no question of



E-mails tend to be less personal than the letters. With e-mail, the person receiving the email doesn’t have to reply. It depends on his or her choice. But in case of letter mails, it is expected that you give a reply to the mail you have received.

All these benefits make the e-mails a more popular choice for exchanging information than the letterbox letters. So, for a faster and cost-effective solution, choose emails.